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No need to thank me for llamas-- it's just my thank-you gift for faves and nice comments. :)


Stshhillus3 by Kyusil



Eliwood: Ahh— R-Rebecca! Could you... could you come over here for a moment?

Rebecca: Huh? W-well, of course, milord... wait, why are you holding your leg like that? Y-you're not hurt, are you? I-I'm not a healer— you know that, right...?!

Eliwood: N-no, I'm not hurt. It's, erm... oh, this is embarrassing.... You see, I was engaged in a rather strenuous battle a little while ago, and when I crouched down to catch my breath just now, my... erm, my... trousers ripped.

Rebecca: Oh. Well, as long as it's inconspicuous....

Eliwood: ...It's... not. The seam split completely....

Rebecca: W-well, milord, i-it could happen to anybody.*  

Eliwood: Y-yes, I suppose. ..... I, er... oh, dear, I hate to have to ask you this, but I-I really don't want it to get any worse....

Rebecca: You want me to fix it?

Eliwood: [sad face] ...Please.

Rebecca: Oh... N-no problem! [steps close] You can just leave them on, it won't take me longer than a minute to sew this up....

Eliwood: Er... a-are you sure about that...?

Rebecca: Hee hee! Don't worry, I'll be careful. Here, stand up straight... ... ... ...There! [steps back] It won't last forever, but just until you can get new pants....

Eliwood: Ah! Fantastic! Thank you, Rebecca— I-I can't even think of how to repay you for this....

Rebecca: I was glad to help.

Eliwood: Now, if... if it's not too much to ask, would you mind keeping this matter secret? Hector would never let me live it down if he knew....

Rebecca: Don't worry, milord— this stays between us.


Rebecca: Hello, Lord Eliwood!

Eliwood: Oh— hello, Rebecca. I trust you're not finding it too rough out here?

Rebecca: Not at all! I'm glad to be getting some fresh air.

Eliwood: Ah... I suppose.

Rebecca: Admit it— this has to be better than staying in a stuffy old castle all the time.

Eliwood: Castle Pherae is quite comfortable, actually. I'll be the first to admit I still get homesick....

Rebecca: Yeah... I mean, I'm thrilled Papa finally let me out of his sight, but I do miss him sometimes. And I hope he's not too lonely without me.

Eliwood: I feel the same about my mother. She's not native to Pherae, and she never made a very wide circle of friends.... Without myself or my father there, her days must be awfully long....

Rebecca: Do you write often?

Eliwood: Er... I-I do, yes.

Rebecca: [steps forward] Your ears went all red. You're not embarrassed about that, are you, Lord Eliwood?

Eliwood: I mean... Hector's right: writing home every week is a bit excessive, b-but—

Rebecca: Every week?!

Eliwood: N-not you too....

Rebecca: [stomps] That... is... so sweet!! Lady Eleanora must be so proud to have such a devoted son!

Eliwood: Oh....

Rebecca: To think, my brother left home five years ago and he still hasn't written back... We need more men in the world like you, milord!

Eliwood: I'm beginning to think I had it better being mocked....


Rebecca: What's that you're reading, milord?

Eliwood: Oh... It's a letter from home. Not unexpected, eh?

Rebecca: Hee hee... Well, it's good that you're not ashamed of it anymore. How is Lady Eleanora?

Eliwood: Ah, same as always. She's trying to remain graceful under pressure, but I know I'm worrying her half to death....

Rebecca: Mm....

Eliwood: It... it pains me to tell her everything, but I swore to her I wouldn't just disappear without warning like my father did. Still, I can't even imagine what it's like to know your child is out in the world, fending off danger and fleeing enemies at every turn. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake in being open....

Rebecca: No... I don't think you did, milord. My mother... she died without ever knowing what happened to my brother. I could still find him, at least, but she never had that closure. Even if she's worried sick about you, Lady Eleanora knows you're thinking of her. That must be what's keeping her strong. I know I'd want the same from any child of mine.

Eliwood: Ah... Thank you, Rebecca. I-it means a lot to know I'm not foolish for sending all these letters.

Rebecca: Of course not, milord. Besides... you've proven you can be plenty foolish in other capacities. I have to ask— did your mother send over new trousers as well?

Eliwood: !! Th-that... er....

Rebecca: Aww, she did!! Hee hee!

Eliwood: Th-this goes nowhere, all right...?

 *[I wanted her to be stifling laughter on this line and I feel like Japanese probably could get that across, so we'll pretend I translated this and can say stuff like "but the original!!"]

STSHH: Eliwood-Rebecca
Here's another support set! I will try and have them uploaded here in a timely fashion in the future.

This is one of those support duos that seemed like a no-brainer to me, considering Eliwood has to end up trusting Rebecca enough to let her raise his son. I wanted to establish a playful rapport between them, but also show how Rebecca becomes a confidant of sorts. The trick was to figure out a way to do this without it seeming too much like a romantic set-up; I know some people ship them, but that wasn’t my vision here.
More Supports That Should Have Happened:

This support on Tumblr

Fire Emblem © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

Stshhillus2 by Kyusil


Clarine: Now, let’s see… staves in order, salves all accounted for, bandages….

Roy: Er… Clarine? Are you busy?

Clarine: Aahh! D-don’t sneak up behind me like that! Ugh, didn’t you learn any etiquette back in Lycia?

Roy: Sorry, sorry! I just needed to find a healer....

Clarine: Are you… limping?

Roy: I think I did something to my ankle—as soon as I put any weight on it, it—ouch!

Clarine: Hold it—don’t take another step! Let me look at it. ….. Yes, as I thought. Sigh… couldn’t you have gotten an open wound like a proper soldier? Sprains give me such trouble….

Roy: You can heal it, can’t you?

Clarine: Of course I can heal it! But it’s a very delicate process. I wouldn’t expect someone as rough-hewn as you to understand.

Roy: No, I understand. You can stitch up open wounds because you can see enough to guide the staff, but with a closed wound, you’re shooting in the dark. For all you can see, you might be binding the wrong muscles together… that’s it in a nutshell, right?

Clarine: Ahh… d-don’t remind me! You’ll wreck my concentration! ….. There! Does it still hurt?

Roy: Hm… no, it feels fine. Looks like even closed wounds are no match for you! Anyway, I’d better be off. Thanks, Clarine. [Roy leaves.]

Clarine: Think nothing of… ack! He didn’t even bother to beg my leave.


Roy: Hey, Clarine! …Oh, wait. Was that impolite?

Clarine: You really are hopeless at this.

Roy: I was never taught any of the specifics on etiquette. Can you tell me what to do so I keep it in mind? I’ve got to start learning this sort of thing if I ever hope to be a diplomat.

Clarine: Ideally, you’d wait at a distance for the lady to take notice of you. The moment your eyes meet, and not a moment after, you bow at a slight angle until she acknowledges you.

Roy: Er… d-duly noted.

Clarine: Did you need something, then?

Roy: Yes. Well, sort of. I couldn’t stop thinking about your healing the other day. I went at the rest of that battle pretty hard, but my ankle didn’t bother me at all. I understand that the magic element speeds up the healing process, but what stumped me was how you were able to make that happen under the skin.

Clarine: The healer doesn’t make anything happen. We simply keep it from getting any worse. Why are you so interested, anyway? You said yourself there’s nothing wrong with your ankle now.

Roy: [steps back] Uh, w-well…

Clarine: [steps forward] I’m listening!

Roy: I… T-to tell the truth… I’ve always been fascinated by magic. I practically tore a hole in Castle Ostia’s library looking for books on magic theory before General Cecilia brought some for me and Lilina.

Clarine: I wouldn’t have taken you for a scholar.

Roy: I don’t have much of a right to be. I can’t so much as light a match with magic. But for the longest time, I thought if I could just understand it, I’d be able to learn how to use it.

Clarine: That isn’t how it works, you know. Any charlatan can study magic, but it takes a certain predisposition to be a mage. Or a healer, of course.

Roy: …Yeah. I never have a problem with the theory… it’s the practice that trips me up.

Clarine: There’s no need to sound so glum about it. If every bumbling rube on the continent went around casting spells, there’d be nothing the least bit singular about those of us who do!

Roy: Thanks. Is that what you learned about compliments in etiquette school?

Clarine: Why, you— [stomps] Mannerless little lout!

Roy: [stumbles] Ouch! Son of… mm! What kind of manners is it to bash someone in the head with a healing staff, then?!

Clarine: It’s a perfectly acceptable alternative in the absence of chivalry. [She leaves.]

Roy: I… huh. An injury inflicted by a healing staff …you’d think it would’ve healed! I’ll have to look into this….


Clarine: …..

Roy: …Right, wait to catch her eye… there! Now bow, and—

Clarine: Muttering under your breath like a vagrant sort of punctures the aura, you know.

Roy: Uh… look, I….

Clarine: It’s quite all right. You’ve shown your dedication, and I suppose it’s only fair that I acknowledge it.

Roy: Yes, erm… 

Clarine: !! Saint’s locks, your head! Don’t tell me my staff left a lump that size. I… I didn’t expect to hit you that hard, honestly.

Roy: Y-yeah, neither did I.

Clarine: I’m dreadfully sorry.

Roy: Don’t apologize! I, uh… actually wanted to thank you.

Clarine: [steps back] …I’m not sure I like that grin…

Roy: Oh, no—it’s just, looking back at what happened, I think I finally figured out how closed-wound healing works!

Clarine: That’s what you’re so happy about?

Roy: The staff’s a vessel for the magic, right? Just like a tome. It doesn’t have any power on its own—that’s why they’ve got libraries of spellbooks that never catch fire. The magic can only be cast through the user. That’s why I didn’t understand it before— it’s not about sight at all, it’s about touch!

Clarine: Well, of course.  I could have told you as much. Still, it was awfully astute of you to come to that conclusion by yourself. Here, allow me…. [steps forward, close to Roy]

Roy: Thank you.

Clarine: You know, if you’re still this enthusiastic about magic theory after the war, you really ought to visit Reglay Manor. My father’s got a whole wing devoted to his library and study. His archive numbers somewhere in the thousands… [Roy staggers. Clarine steps back.] Oh dear, are you all right? You look rather pale.

Roy: Did you say thousands?

Clarine: Well, yes. We’re an old family.

Roy: I’d love to come see it! I mean, uh… i-it would be an honor.

Clarine: It’s settled, then! …Though… I might need to observe your table manners before I let you dine with my family. Given your other antics, I can’t imagine you’d inspire much confidence in that field….

Roy: Great… your father doesn’t happen to have another library on etiquette, does he?

Clarine: You said it yourself: some things can’t be learned by theory alone. We’ll start with tonight’s supper. I expect you to be prompt! [She leaves.]

Roy: Heh… I have a feeling I’ve got a lot to learn from you, Clarine.

STSHH: Roy-Clarine
I haven't been keeping up with uploading Supports That Should Have Happened to dA, so the art is a little bit dated, but hopefully the script holds up. This was a pair I fully expected to support after their scripted introduction in chapter 4, and I think it would have made a lot more sense than most of Roy's other available pairings. At the very least Roy should have an opportunity to fanboy over meeting Pent. :P

This support on Tumblr
Clarine-Lilina STSHH on dA

(This is my first time using, so hopefully everything turned out okay here.)

Fire Emblem © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Happy Birthday, Fire Emblem! by Kyusil
Happy Birthday, Fire Emblem!
Little bit late tribute for Fire Emblem's 25th anniversary (plus Lucina's birthday, but let's not put the cart before the horse). Don't ask why they're still wearing their lord getups in an apparently modern setting. I don't know.

Here it is on Tumblr!

Characters © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
I'm intrigued by the color palette memes that have been going around, but something about their execution bothers me. Namely, it seems like artists are applying color palettes at random to just... regular drawings? Like there isn't any particular reason you're drawing Character X in the palette of a watermelon other than you generated that palette at random and felt like drawing that character. Or someone requested that character with that palette, which to me makes even less sense.

Maybe it's because I'm sort of a student of animation, but it seems to me like the colors of a piece should reflect something meaningful about that imagery? That's what the business of lighting in film and stage is about. There's a rhyme and reason to the way colors interact, and when catalyzed effectively with subject matter and context it can have very striking results. With this meme, I'm noticing a lack of intent in the use of colors, which doesn't strike me as something that would be helpful to the artists in question.

Of course, the purpose of the meme is likely to just get people to play around with color, and that's fine. If you decided to draw your favorite character in shades of purple, I'm not attacking you personally. It just seems to me to reflect sort of a widespread lack of understanding of color theory-- which I'm guilty of too. Only my guilt lies in doing either very safe palettes or drawing in grayscale!
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