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No need to thank me for llamas-- it's just my thank-you gift for faves and nice comments. :)


Case 1 Sketches by Kyusil
Case 1 Sketches

Here’s a few sketches waiting to be turned into sprites for Case 1! That’s Wolt on the far left, I don’t think I’ve posted a drawing of him before now. He’s a waiter in the AU, but a classic wrong-place-wrong-time scenario lands him in the defendant’s chair for the first case.

(Any tips on avoiding crossed eyes btw? I’m just noticing it in the thumbnail. :/)

As far as progress goes, I’ve got the first case planned out and the first third or so actually scripted. This is happening!

This drawing on Tumblr

Check out more of my Fire Emblem 6/Ace Attorney crossover!

Fire Emblem © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems; Ace Attorney © Capcom

I'm intrigued by the color palette memes that have been going around, but something about their execution bothers me. Namely, it seems like artists are applying color palettes at random to just... regular drawings? Like there isn't any particular reason you're drawing Character X in the palette of a watermelon other than you generated that palette at random and felt like drawing that character. Or someone requested that character with that palette, which to me makes even less sense.

Maybe it's because I'm sort of a student of animation, but it seems to me like the colors of a piece should reflect something meaningful about that imagery? That's what the business of lighting in film and stage is about. There's a rhyme and reason to the way colors interact, and when catalyzed effectively with subject matter and context it can have very striking results. With this meme, I'm noticing a lack of intent in the use of colors, which doesn't strike me as something that would be helpful to the artists in question.

Of course, the purpose of the meme is likely to just get people to play around with color, and that's fine. If you decided to draw your favorite character in shades of purple, I'm not attacking you personally. It just seems to me to reflect sort of a widespread lack of understanding of color theory-- which I'm guilty of too. Only my guilt lies in doing either very safe palettes or drawing in grayscale!
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